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All delivery times are given as estimates and are not guaranteed. Customers must be aware that unplanned delays can occur due to so many reasons. When the luggage shipper periodically monitors all shipments, you agree to daily monitor your item from collection onwards using the tracking tools provided and to notify the luggage shipper.


Once you place your order, you will get confirmation mail on your registered email ID
If you want to change or cancel your pickup request you are requested to contact our customer care.
For completing payment our executive will call you on your registered mobile no and as per suggestion given by his/her you are requested to complete payment process by using so many online payment option.


It is completely your responsibility to provide us complete detailed and accurate information regarding to your pickup and drop location, you or someone from your house are requested to be present at pickup location at estimated time and date of pickup given in confirmation mail. It should be ensured from your end that correct items handed over to driver. Your collection must take place from an easily accessible location; the driver must be able to drive within 25m of the collection point; the collection point must be accessible to the public; the driver will arrive at the address, knock the door and expect the items to be present. If no one is present or the address is inaccessible i.e. access card/key required they will leave and no refund will be offered. It may be possible to pay an additional fee to have a driver attempt the collection a second time.

4. Shipping at Hotel

If you are going to stay in hotel and want to ship your luggage there, then confirm from your end that your booked hotel is accepting storage of luggage in their facility before arriving of customer. (After shipping of luggage at hotel,if they don't accept your luggage then we will not be responsible for this inconvenience, and also return charge will be taken for shipping back luggage at your location)

5. Prohibited item

Following mentioned materials are not allowed to keep in luggage or box

  • Aerosols or any other pressurised containers

  • Liquids, Pastes and Gels of any type

  • Toner Cartridges

  • Loose Batteries & Power Banks

  • Animals and Animal products

  • Pornographic material

  • Firearms and firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, weapons

  • Flowers and plant products

  • Human remains or ashes

  • Medical samples

  • Items that require a temperature controlled environment

  • Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products

  • Tobacco

  • Foodstuffs, perishable, animal origin and controlled food articles and beverages including, but not limited to: Fruit & vegetables, dairy products (including dried products containing dairy such as protein powder), meat, fish, nuts, seeds, wine, beer, spirits and champagne; or any kind of alcoholic items

  • Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kind

  • Valuables and high value items including but not limited to antiques, paintings, jewellery, precious stones and electrical equipment

  • Cash or other forms of tradable currency

  • Credit cards or debit cards

  • Passports or other confidential personal documentation

  • Irreplaceable items

  • Other Dangerous / hazardous goods

  • Counterfeit goods

  • Other illegal or restricted goods

If any above mentioned item found by police or any other legal entity than it is totally customer’s responsibility to give answer to police, the luggage shipper or courier partner will not play any role, and if you any prohibited item found by our delivery guy than, they will not accept luggage for further process.


We simply provide luggage booking service on our portal and not responsible for the loss of damage to any package or its contents. We have tied up with reputable courier companies and therefore chances of getting loss or damage is extremely rare. To avoid damage to your luggage be mindful that our couriers treat every package with care but your luggage’s loading and unloading done by human hands several times on its journey. Your items should be thoroughly packaged and should be able to fall approximately 100 cm without breaking.
Until delivery gets completed your luggage’s security will be under the our tied up courier company. [Except prohibited items should not be in luggage as mentioned in paragraph no.4]


In case if your luggage gets lost, don’t worry we have our own insurance policy regarding to security of your luggage.
We are providing insurance amount upto Rs 5000, if your luggage gets lost during delivery time.

If you book to use our service through any medium like WhatsApp, email or from website, by default you are accepting all the above mentioned terms and conditions.